Airport Experience Intensity

31/10/2014 By Thomas Folqué

The BVA BDRC Experience Intensity Airport Report 2012 enabled detailed comparison of the customer experience between UK airports, providing analysis of their individual strengths and weaknesses. The report investigates the key areas of the passenger journey – check-in, security and airside – and provided a clear Service Intensity score for each step.

The Experience Intensity Airport Report 2012 investigated 15 UK airports with this new, bespoke scoring analysis for customer satisfaction. The study was based on a sample of 1,300 interviews with UK air passengers and provided insight on individual terminals for the larger airports such as Heathrow, Manchester and Birmingham. Experience Intensity uses an innovative survey process to interview respondents on rational and emotional factors, as well as the degree of customer effort and input in the service.

An Experience Intensity score offers the opportunity to compare the quality of services with others in the sector and to develop and prioritise improvements to specific areas of the customer experience.

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