A multi-platform media study: newsbrands

21/07/2016 By James Myring

10,856 readers, five big brand campaigns and 700,000+ individual brand measurements demonstrate that newsbrands have a significant impact on brand health. Print plays a vital role for newsbrands – it’s the most effective newsbrand brand building platform and it kick starts a multiplier effect across digital newsbrands.

The multi-platform study set out to discover how advertising in newsbrands builds brand health. We wanted to know the impact of each platform – print, tablet, computer and mobile – and how each of these platforms work together. Is there is a significant increase in brand impact for each additional newsbrand platform added to a campaign (beyond increased reach/frequency)? Do we need print in the mix?

The aim was to provide benchmark guidance on what each newsbrand platform contributes to brand health measures - on its own and in combination with others - that will help when deploying budgets. Newsworks collaborated with media agencies to measure five client campaigns across newsbrand print and digital platforms. We worked with big brand advertisers, where brand metrics are harder to shift – and none were first-time newsbrand advertisers. BVA BDRC conducted matched controlled exposure tests among 10,856 readers of the relevant titles and platforms as each campaign went live. Analysis gave us the net uplift in brand metrics, taking into account competitor shifts, across all newsbrand platforms – both solus and in combinations. Digital interactions data was supplied by publishers, collated and anonymised. We found a consistent pattern of responses across all five newsbrand tests.

We're delighted that this work contributed to Newsworks winning the gold award in the Best Trade Body Research category at the 2016 Media Research Group awards.

Read more about the results of the study here: https://effectiveness.newsworks.org.uk/multi-platform-study/

Read the MediaTel article on the implications of the study https://mediatel.co.uk/newsline/2016/07/14/should-advertisers-put-their-trust-in-newsbrands-again/

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