Voice of the Resident

Use of the home is transforming and residents are demanding more from their property, their local environment and infrastructure. Voice of the Resident is a multi-client insight programme helping brands to identify and engage with emerging residential trends across the UK.

With our European colleagues at BVA and BVA Doxa we are also able to compare and contrast findings from the UK, France and Italy – download our infographic to see some of our initial findings.

Covid-19 has forced people to re-examine how they use their home. Our Voice of the Resident’ study, updated for a post-Covid environment, offers subscribers the opportunity to measure and anticipate the needs of homeowners and tenants across the UK.

Voice of the Resident provides broad and deep coverage of residents’ relationship with their home, including:

  • Property layout and furnishing
  • Ways in which residents insure and protect their homes
  • Use of the home as a workplace
  • The role of estate agencies and other intermediaries in property sale and rental
  • Adoption and use of smart-home technology
  • Decisions on heating, energy and water suppliers
  • Telecoms, broadband and in-home entertainment services
  • Grocery shopping and home delivery services
  • Local transport infrastructure
  • Sustainability opportunities such as green home improvements and suitability for electric vehicles

Our methodology

Voice of the Resident is based on a large, representative survey of UK residents. With an appropriate blend of ages, homeowners vs renters, property types and regions. 7,000 interviews with household decision-makers are conducted in Q2, each lasting 30 minutes.

Subscription Details

Download the prospectus for full subscription details. The deadline for founding subscribers is Friday 27th March.

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