VenueVerdict GuestRate Guest Satisfaction

It’s never been easier to measure guest satisfaction. A direct feed from your property management system automatically generates survey invitations. We provide you with immediate alerts for low scores, key performance measures are updated in real-time, and actions taken are pinpointed along the way. Finally, data can be cut by a vast range of attributes, giving a granular view of the influencers of guest satisfaction.

VenueVerdict’s enterprise feedback reporting system allows for simple collaboration with colleagues, and integrates all customer feedback data in one place. Attractive and intuitive charting help you find out what’s going on at your locations without needing to spend time configuring your own reports. Intricate detail for analysts, headline summaries for leaders and straightforward snapshots for operators allow the widest possible distribution of insight.

The hotels and hospitality experts at BVA BDRC give their experience to help you build the perfect feedback programme. Used alongside mystery guest inspections, GuestRate provides an essential sense-check for social feedback, allowing you to consider such feedback in the appropriate context, rather than making rash decisions on the back of a handful of online reviews.

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