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The hospitality customer experience diagnostic tool. Helping hotels and meeting venues deliver outstanding and memorable customer experiences.

At its core, VenueVerdict CX is a real-time customer feedback and benchmarking tool that identifies gaps in the experience delivered on your property, by your brand or group and helps you make targeted improvements in precisely the right places.

Comprising two core elements; Event Planner Feedback and Mystery Shopping – Sales Enquiry Handling, VenueVerdict CX provides decision-makers with information on how properties and portfolios are performing, validating strategy and managing performance as well as delivering insight on market trends and customer value.

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The Feedback module breaks down as follows:

feedback module

And the Mystery Shopping …

Measuring your own performance is just part of the story. Your own ratings only become truly meaningful when they are benchmarked – whether against other venues in the same portfolio or when compared to those achieved by leading competitors.

A further innovation that helps us to judge the success of an experience is through the EPIC framework.  Please click here to learn more about how EPIC is transforming how we can influence and improve your customers’ experience at your property.

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