Tracking consumer sentiment on the impact of COVID-19

We have been tracking consumer sentiment on the Covid-19 outbreak from nearly before we were calling it a pandemic.  After 21 weeks, we have now published the final, last edition of our weekly UK tracking report.  In our editor’s opinion, it’s the best of the lot!

When we started, none of us thought it would turn into the long haul that it has.  Since then, more than 2,000 people have subscribed to the report, and we are helping organisations in the travel, hospitality and leisure industries respond and recover from the economic impact of Covid-19.  There’s a lot still to be done, of course, and we will be continuing to report on the pandemic. We're currently consulting with key stakeholders on how best to proceed with the tracker. Don't forget to register for the report to find out when the next iteration will be released.

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United Kingdom - Published up to 21st August

USA - Published up to 4th June

Singapore - Published 1st July

UK Sector Reports

James Myring and Max Willey, both Directors in BVA BDRC's Media Team, shared some of the key insights derived from our tracker with the Media Research Group. The short presentation touches on gaming, voice commerce and advertising.

Media - Published 25th August

Business - Published up to 27th August

Hotels - Published 6th May

Transport - Published 30th April

Visitor Attractions - Published 29th April

Grocery Shopping and Retail - Published 20th May

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