Nudging Sustainability in the Hospitality Sector

Facilitating behavioural change amongst hotel guests and associates

The intent-to-action gap exists everywhere, but perhaps no more so than in the area of sustainability, where any number of factors can result in undesirable behaviour.  People do not need to be convinced, they need to be helped to move from intent to action.

Intent to Action gap

Our Nudging Sustainability programme can help

  • Behavioural Science reveals how people make decisions
  • That knowledge is used to co-create "nudges", tailored to your specific needs, to help your guests and staff make more sustainable choices - all backed by research
  • Results are tracked to understand how they are impacting your sustainability goals

For example:

  • Nudge guests to reuse towels and linens
  • Nudge guests to turn off lights and appliances when they leave their rooms
  • Nudge guests to choose more sustainable food options
  • Nudge staff to reduce water and energy consumption

And in turn:

  • You can save money on your energy and water bills
  • You can make your guests feel good about doing their part for the environment
  • You can reduce your environmental impact

This unique research & consulting programme comprises 2 elements:

Stage 1: Ethnographic research to observe employee and guest behaviours in context.

Stage 2: Co-Creation. Seek ways to overcome barriers and leverage existing desirable behaviours.

If you're serious about improving your hotel's sustainability practices, our Nudging Sustainability programme is the perfect solution for you. Contact James Bland to learn more.

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