New Luxury for the Travel Sector Report

BVA BDRC’s report New Luxury for the travel sector: from Experience to Authent-erience explains what makes a successful luxury brand of the future. "Experiential" is already becoming a hygiene factor, and consumers are now seeking much more authentic and meaningful interaction with brands and products. The report draws on best practices from many sectors, but with a focus on how travel and hospitality brands can make New Luxury work for them.

  • How the “transformation economy” is shaping luxury consumer expectations
  • Who are today's luxury consumers and how do they want to interact with brands?
  • How can companies reach their target audience?
  • Who are the pioneering brands and how are they becoming an integral part of consumers’ lives?
  • The democratisation of luxury and what this means for the mega-affluent
  • New Luxury Semiotics: what new codes and symbols are relevant to future luxury consumers?
  • What technology trends fit with the new desire for “authent-eriences”?
  • What emerging business models in New Luxury are replacing traditional transactions?

The report brings together the latest trends and thinking in the luxury area, with data from proprietary BVA BDRC consumer research from a number of studies and social media analysis from TripAdvisor reviews.

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