Mortgage Achilles

Mortgage Achilles is an overview of the mind of the mortgage market to guide strategic decision making. Comprising three different studies on mortgage holders, intermediaries and the young un-mortgaged, we offer research and insight to suit diverse interests and purposes.

Robust long-run trend data, stretching back 18 years, offers comprehensive results and interpretation. We are constantly innovating and adding new areas of focus to these unique reports, such as closer looks at Help to Buy and the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) changes of April 2014.

Each of the three reports focuses on a particular demographic and investigates key areas and issues relating to them. Access to finance, preferred lender brands and home ownership aspirations are amongst the many issues focused on by the different studies.

The strategic applications for this information are as diverse and far-reaching as the research, ranging from identifying acquisition and retention challenges to understanding the parental support offered to young, un-mortgaged adults. Through its complementary studies, Mortgage Achilles is able to deliver unparalleled market insight, specific to your needs or interests.

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