Moments of Truth - Retail Banking

A comprehensive assessment of your CX in the competitor landscape

Moments of Truth helps retail banking providers tailor their customer experience by highlighting the gaps between brand promise, delivery and service perception.

This unique customer feedback and benchmarking system gives you the inside track on competitor performance and allows you to target CX improvements with pinpoint accuracy. With insights powered by 30,000 interviews across 80+ brands, Moments of Truth monitors which journeys drive-up brand perceptions and reveals where you should invest to get ahead of the competition.

Outputs for action and dissemination

Moments of Truth incorporates a suite of established KPIs, enhanced by fresh, innovative metrics anchored in behavioural science to benchmark, diagnose and improve your CX. Subscribers benefit from insights about their own CX, that of peers and market leaders.

The assessment includes our eight emotional drivers under the banners of EPIC and FREE:

EPIC (Elevation, Pride, Insight, Connection) shows how you can progress from merely satisfactory CX to memorable moments that will drive growth.

FREE (Fair, Reliable, Empowering, Easy-to-use) sets the bar for you to exceed customers’ expectations of service delivery.

Key benefits

  • Execute differentiated and memorable CX
  • Control points where you know your brand can get ahead of the competition
  • Weigh your CX activities against your market peers
  • Measure the effectiveness of your CX investments
  • Inform future CX strategy
  • Report to stakeholders about your market rankings

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How you can get on board

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