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Each year BVA BDRC runs a Brand Equity & Market Insights Study – this evaluates the brand standing of international schools in specific Asian markets; a survey is conducted among a representative sample of parents sending children to international schools in the market.

This is a survey, mostly among prospective parents to your school, that can help the marketing and communications departments assess the brand health of their school from an external perspective, the image it has among parents in the general market, and its standing against around 25 competitor schools. We also record advertising recall of schools that helps schools assess the ROI on their campaigns and via which media.

Each year we also assess factors pertinent to how parents make choices for international schools, e.g. curricular, facilities, school culture, style of teaching, price sensitivity, etc, providing to schools guidance in their development and strategic planning.

The results of the survey are analysed by stage of schooling, key nationalities, and various market segments.

This study has been backed and heavily endorsed by the leading international schools in several Asian markets including UWC, Dulwich College, Tanglin Trust, Singapore American School, Canadian International, GEMS, Cognita Group, Nord Anglia Group, and Taylors Group, among others.

To complement our annual brand study, we also undertake bespoke research for schools that can include market assessment of new curricular, new school concepts, rebranding, corporate communications testing, new parent research, and teacher research.

We also run a ‘Non-Converter Survey’, being those parents who have inquired with a school but have not pursued an application. This is also combined with communications testing across peer group competitor schools.



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Every year we host the International Schools Webinar, showcasing key findings from our research and sharing expertise from across the BVA group and other companies in the education sector.

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