Increasing Online Gift Aid

Have you optimised your Gift Aid opportunity?

Gift Aid presents a valuable opportunity for charitable organisations to increase their revenue at little additional cost to their visitors and supporters.

While most attractions are embracing this opportunity, there is a range of variation in approaches and success in securing gift aid across the sector.

The opportunity is too big to ignore. Increasing gift aid donations by 2% at a site that attracts 1,000,000 visitors, would generate a site an extra £125,000.  How much we can increase Gift Aid depends on how effective current practices are - but even a small increase in participation can have a significant impact on revenue.

Increase your Gift Aid revenue

OPTION 1: Best practise report
Learn from the attractions and charities that are best in class.
Based on a review of online gift aid approaches at 25 institutions, including all syndicate members, resulting in a report highlighting best practice in the sector.

OPTION 2: Bespoke audit
Bespoke audit of your site’s current online Gift Aid practice, resulting in a range of behavioural ‘nudges’ for your site to trial in order to optimise Gift Aid sign up.

OPTION 3: Bespoke audit, with testing
Bespoke audit
Online testing of the series of nudges identified for your site in order to prioritise these.


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