Brand Advantage

Monetising brand performance

With so many hotel brands co-existing in a crowded market, many in the hospitality sector are asking: which brands genuinely deliver value to owners and investors?

Brand Advantage provides fresh insights into the impact of a brand on a consumer’s willingness to pay more as a consequence of their emotional connection with the brand.

Brand Advantage rankings are available for the US and in 19 other major travel markets, enabling local and international brand and property owners to objectively evaluate a brand’s impact on consumers’ wallets.

How Brand Advantage is calculated

Brand Advantage scores are an amalgamation of the brand familiarity and consumer perception of the brand's premium.

A high Brand Margin® may be an excellent result, but without consumer familiarity it has limited reach. Each brand’s familiarity assessment is incorporated into a Brand Advantage Score, providing a measure of a brand’s potential to deliver a price value-add across a given market.

Brand Margin® and Brand Advantage are key metrics tracked within BVA BDRC’s Hotel Guest Survey (HGS), conducted in 20 major travel source markets around the world.  They offer both brand and property owners a unique perspective into the strength and potential of a hotel brand to maximize price premiums.   No other research on a domestic or international level provides this depth of insight by brand and service tier.


How Brand Advantage scores compare by service tier:

For Brand Owners:
Brand Advantage and Brand Margin® validate the value a brand delivers among key traveler segments. Competitive comparisons also differentiate one brand's position from others, helping to strengthen the business case for potential partners.

For Hotel Owners/Investors:
In a crowded marketplace, a consistent benchmarked score gives the hotel owner valuable business intelligence on the value a brand can bring to a hotel property.

Results allow you to compare your hotel Brand Advantage score with competitors in your category tier


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