Hotel Guest Survey

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The Hotel Guest Survey (HGS) is used by leading travel and hospitality companies worldwide to track their brands’ position in the market and keep abreast of ever-changing guest behaviours and priorities.

Conducted quarterly across 25 of the world’s leading travel source markets, HGS connects with over 50,000 business and leisure travellers.

Three insight modules provide up-to-date insight into:

1) Brand Health & Value
A complete picture of your brands’ position compared to competitors, to support strategic decisions and measure the impact of marketing spend.

  • Brand awareness, familiarity, usage and preference
  • NPS and satisfaction among your own brand users
  • Brand Margin® – the financial premium which consumers attach to  a brand
  • Advertising recall and bespoke campaign evaluation tool

2) Customer Needs & Brand Perceptions
Pinpoint emerging needs among your target audience to guide future investments and brand messages.

  • Hierarchy of guest needs
  • Brand perception relative to competitors

3) Consumer Behaviour
Keep a finger on the pulse of changes in the path-to-purchase, loyalty programmes and disruptors such as the sharing economy.

  • Path-to-purchase – how to optimise your omnichannel buying experience; understand the typical combination of devices, information and booking channels and how it varies by destination and reason for stay
  • Loyalty programme performance based on participation, consumer ratings and impact on ratio of direct booking transactions to indirect
  • Sharing economy – to what extent is demand for homestay sites such as AirBnB displacing demand for hotels across your target segments?

You can also include your own confidential questions, whether you want to test recall of a specific campaign or find out more about your target guests.

Flexible reporting:

Online dashboard & custom analysis tool

Dashboard in video

Quarterly in-depth PPT reports

report slide mix

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