Global High Value Traveller Omnibus

Your route to the world’s most frequent international travellers

A global sample of 5,000 verified international air travellers, representative of the c.10 million international flyers travelling each week.  This unique sample source has an upmarket emphasis on high value travellers, with around half flying for business on their current trip.

You tell us the precise question(s) you want answered. We direct them to an audience of high value global travellers.  Just over a month later, we send you the answers.

The Details

A unique partnership means we reach verified global travellers intercepted at the point of ticket purchase. They fly internationally 8 times a year on average .*

  • Costs from US$1,750 per question
  • Quarterly survey**
  • Next wave Q2 2018 - fieldwork running April /May
  • Translation into 14 major languages
  • Results available from 1 month after fieldwork starts
  • Images, sound and video clips can be included
  • Results supplied as data tables in Excel or SPSS. A range of standard demographic and travel behaviour analysis is included as standard
  • Summary charts/debrief from experienced consultants on request
  • Data can be loaded into BI packages, e.g. Tableau

Read the blog: How do the world’s premium global brands tune in to the world’s most global people?

If you would like to submit a question or have any queries about the Global High Value Traveller Omnibus please email

Download the flyer for more information
Global High Value Traveller Omnibus

* Source: BVA BDRC Media GPS 2016/17 – average number of international trips for any purpose.

** Omnibus will run each wave assuming overall sufficient demand

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