Event Planner Panel

Get answers fast…   BVA BDRC’s Event Planner Panel is a growing resource of over 10,000 corporate and private event bookers you can interrogate as and when you need to.  Whatever you need to know from consumers, we can uncover through either a short survey to a representative panel of event planners.

Our experts will help you with methodology selection and question creation, meaning all you have to do is tell us what you’d like to know.  Below are just some of the issues you can use this panel to address.

  • Opinion snapshot
  • RFP channels
  • Preferences
  • Technology Adoption
  • NPD
  • Service expectations
  • Media consumption
  • Marketing preference
  • Concept testing
  • Budget or Demand outlook
  • Ideas and Suggestions

If you'd like to hear more please contact meetings@bva-bdrc.com

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