COVID-19 Integrated Response Toolkit

Achieve safety and satisfaction in the post-COVID-19 economy with our latest toolkit which is available now.


The COVID-19 Integrated Response Toolkit helps businesses enhance operational preparedness before, during and after reopening.


As many outlets re-open, a simple checklist is not enough to ensure both safety and customer satisfaction. Customers must be made confident that standards are being upheld by regular third party checks.

BVA BDRC specialise in a market-leading mystery shopping product which combines customer experience assessment, COVID standards and behavioural economics. Our 'EPIC' Framework helps us to identify what matters the most for the customer and how you can keep getting it right, creating genuine connections.

The integrated toolkit keeps your COVID response data in one central dashboard, all organised and managed by BVA BDRC.

Covid-19 Integrated Response

The primary sources of data are external evaluations (mystery shopping). Our approach means BVA BDRC can assess important customer satisfaction measures whilst also providing a COVID response check. Additional extras include internal checks, customer feedback and online reviews all integrated into a real-time online dashboard. The dashboard allows for auto-generated action plans, COVID alerts, and the expert reporting you've come to expect from BVA BDRC.

External Evaluation (Mystery Shopping)

  1. Monitor Customer Experience
    • Service Standards
    • Brand and Merchandise
    • EPIC Framework - behavioural science (additional output)
    • Consultative debriefs with the management team (additional output)
  2. Focused Health and Safety Checks
    • Educate staff about health and safety measures and their implications
    • Promote COVID operational awareness and preparedness via mystery shop evaluations
    • Recognise successful locations with a ‘Pass’ certificate

Optional Extras

  1. Internal Evaluations (Internal Check)
    • Perform on the web and/or mobile
    • Integrate with existing operations mobile apps
  2. Social Media Reputation Management
    • Protect your business and brand with Social Reputation Management
    • Benchmark against competitors
  3. Customer Feedback Management
    • Engage with solicited or unsolicited online surveys

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Take charge of your COVID safety and customer satisfaction
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