COVID-19 Integrated Response Toolkit

The COVID-19 Integrated Response Toolkit helps businesses enhance operational preparedness before, during and after reopening, to achieve excellent service and safety in the post-COVID-19 economy.

The integrated toolkit keeps your COVID Response data in one central dashboard, all organised and managed by BVA BDRC. The primary sources of data are External Evaluations (Mystery Shopping), Internal Evaluations, Customer feedback and Online reviews. We will provide you with all the necessary tools to collect data in a timely fashion, with seamless integration into your dashboard.

The dashboard allows for auto-generated action plans, COVID-19 alerts, and the expert reporting you've come to expect from BVA BDRC.

Four key sources of data:

Covid-19 Integrated Response

External Evaluation (Mystery Shopping)

  • Evaluate new health and safety measures
  • Recognise areas that need improvement before customers do
  • Promote operational awareness and preparedness amongst staff
  • Recognise staff giving exceptional service

Internal Evaluation 

  • Findings are reported in a checklist format, providing easy identification of operational weaknesses
  • Photo and video functionality for visual proof of assessments

Customer Feedback

  • Get direct feedback from customers on a variety of subjects, including satisfaction, loyalty and brand engagement
  • Engaging, interactive question designs for improved response rates
  • Surveys work on any device. You have the ability to send either text or email invites

Social Media

  • Daily monitoring of reviews and online feedback
  • Receive automated COVID-19 alerts
  • Benchmark against competitors and across locations

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