COGNITION Audits are a unique approach to changing behaviour through communication.

Our new service allows you to create measurable customer behaviour change. COGNITION Audits are designed to optimise your communications whether it be optimising online experiences, marketing, print materials, call centre scripts, internal communications, or a mixture. The audits are based on international best practice, marketing science, psychology and behavioural theory.

Success stories
Implementing COGNITION Audit recommendations resulted in:

  • An 11% increase in call centre efficiency for a savings provider
  • A 54% growth in click-to-action for a credit card provider

How it works

An expert review rooted in behavioural science, using our COGNITION framework:

IDEATE: ‘long list’ of optimisations identified via the COGNITION framework

PRIORITISE: shortlist of optimisations agreed, based upon feasibility, opportunity and likely impact

TEST: optimisations amongst the target audience, via a suitable method (selected according to requirements)

Deliverables include a set of recommended Communication Optimisations Guidelines (COGs). Each rooted in behavioural science theory and the COGNITION framework. Each designed to change specific behaviours.

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