Bigger, Bolder Twystery® is Back

22/02/2016 By Tim Barber

This time last year we released the results from the first wave of our Twystery® research.  It’s a mystery shopping report that benchmarks how well brands use Twitter to respond to consumer queries. It generated a fair bit of interest (including this article that I wrote for the Guardian. If you click on the link, apologies in advance for the bad language…).

In fact, the original Twystery® generated so much interest that we decided to run it again, only bigger.  Much bigger.

Last time, we sent 900 tweets to 30 brands across 6 key sectors.  In 2016, we’ve upped that to nearly 10,000 tweets to almost 400 brands, across 32 different market sectors.

The results from the 2015 wave provided some interesting findings. For example:

  • The fastest single response took less than a minute
  • The slowest took over six days
  • On average Lloyds Bank was the fastest at getting back to people, with an average response time of 1 hour and  5 minutes
  • The worst was mobile phone network EE with an average of over 19 hours (perhaps it stands for “Everything Eventually”…?)
  • Insurance giant Aviva and media empire Sky had the best quality responses
  • Sky’s rival in the TV-and-telecoms stakes - BT - had the worst quality responses. It was the only company to score under 50%.

But now that we have the results in from the new enlarged 2016 wave, we have many more interesting  findings, and can see from an early look that there are likely to be some shocks (as well as some good news stories) for some very well-known brands.

View the full list of brands and sectors covered in the 2016 Twystery project.

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