Summer of leisure for the US

22/06/2021 By Matthew Petrie

Our recent survey of US travelers shows a market full of intent to travel and engage in the leisure sector. You can download our free report on US Travel Intent by subscribing here. In this blog, we look at some of the key findings that give us optimism about this crucial summer travel period.

Despite markets in Europe now welcoming fully-vaccinated US residents, the domestic market emerges as a key focus for respondents. A day out to a visitor attraction is the leading leisure activity in mind for the summer period, followed by staying in paid-for accommodations and going on a domestic holiday or leisure trip. 

US Travel Planned Activity

The most active travelers are expected to be Millennials and Gen Z, with Boomers less likely to be planning time away.

US Travel Age Cohorts

Although the US is leading the world in terms of vaccinations, caution remains, and travelers are looking for the reassurance of a brand when it comes to cleanliness standards. 

In positive news for the hotel sector, despite the rise of AirBnB and sharing economy competitors in recent years, nearly two thirds of all travelers, regardless of age, are looking to stay at their preferred hotel brands if possible.

US Travel Brand Loyalty

The enthusiasm for travel is marked amongst consumers in the US, with the urge for experiences outside the home strong across the ages. These latest findings show that consumers, especially Gen Z and Millennials, intend to get out and experience life again.

The signs are hopeful that the much-trailed bounce back will happen and happen with vigour.

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