SMEs - The overlooked audience

23/12/2020 By James Myring

SMEs employ 16.6 million people in the UK, and possess huge spending power, but are often overlooked by advertisers. In this paper, originally presented alongside NewsUK at the 2020 MRG Conference, we look at:

  • Why SMEs matter
  • The impact of Covid-19
  • How SMEs make purchasing decisions
  • How to market effectively to SMEs

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As a teaser, we have shared a selection of the findings below.

From our research, we were able to find out how often SMEs review suppliers and how purchasing decisions are made.

SMEs reviewing suppliers

The influence that brand names play in purchasing choices.  The more complex or critical the decision, the more brand names are used to navigate choices.

influence of brand names

How Newsbrands are seen as being amongst the most effective mediums for brand building (i.e. raising awareness, shifting brand perceptions)

newsbrands effective brand building

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