Nostalgia’s not what it used to be…

19/04/2021 By James Bland

With travel messaging normally focused around seeking new adventures and experiences, it seems that at present, just as many people are likely to seek out the comfort of old favourites when able to travel again.

Whether fuelled by nostalgia or just general conservatism, there seems to be a strong pull towards revisiting old favourites amongst the older and more cautious segments of the population, with the age of 45 seemingly the point at which the pattern reverses.

Amongst the attitudinal segments, those for whom life goes on and who have less to lose are eager to seek new experiences.  They also have the smallest proportion of those who currently are not sure.  The more pragmatic respondents lean towards old favourites, while the cautious but content segment does so significantly.

There is no real difference between the thoughts of residents in England and Wales, but those in Scotland tend ever so slightly towards the old favourites.

Clearly this has implications for travel advertising and communications this year.  We asked our experts what they made of these findings

Talking heads, nostalgia or new experiences

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This originated from our ClearSight on Recovery report we released in early March.

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