How can visitor attractions secure revenue / donations during a critical time?

23/07/2020 By Katie Vosper

The Natural History Museum may have been sleeping for a while – 66 million years for some of its guests –  but its staff have been wide awake, as their reopening plans demonstrate.

The cultural life of the nation is critical to raising morale across the country.  With our latest survey indicating that 84% of Britons expect a second wave of coronavirus that will lead to a new lockdown, we all need something to look forward to.  People need to see that we can get out and lift our spirits – but safely.  The great museums such as the NHM can make a genuine difference now.

Like all leisure businesses, lockdown had a severe impact on the NHM’s revenue, but their team have devised a number of ways to address this through their booking system. Firstly they are asking for a voluntary donation, paired with the ticket order (i.e. donation ticket, non-donation ticket). Not only will this secure some much needed revenue, but it will add the perception that people have invested in a ticket, which will hopefully reduce no shows as well. Genius!

Natural History Museum

The next screen sells 'Welcome Back Packs' - a fun way to generate a bit more income, followed by a request for an additional donation.

However, they may have missed a trick in their gift aid request. It is there, but down the bottom in the small print, modest and unassuming and not really demanding the reader's attention. True, it forces a yes/no choice, but 'no' is the easier choice if your attention is waning after several screens.

Gift Aid can add 25% to donations, so optimising gift aid is essential. We are using behavioural science to help museums and other visitor attractions to raise income and increase a feeling of participation by their visitors.  Our team can help you make the difference without delay.

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