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30/03/2019 By Katie Vosper


With the release of Holiday Trends 2019, our predictive annual report on the intentions, motivations and attitudes of the British holidaymaker, we wanted to share more of the great work being done by our Tourism and Leisure team.

BVA BDRC’s dedicated Tourism & Leisure team is one of the best in the industry. Their work for some of the UK’s top leisure and visitor attractions has helped them drive up visitor numbers, increase membership and put on great exhibitions. On top of this, they provide consultancy on:

Branding, audience, marketing, user experience, admissions, membership, visitor experience, nudge, exhibition evaluation, fundraising, tripadvisor and social mediaAttractions benchmarking

We offer two visitor experience benchmarking programmes, developed with leading industry bodies. These provide actionable visitor data at a site level, tracked over time and placed in the broader market context against relevant benchmarks.

ALVA benchmarking

Around 35,000 on-site exit interviews are conducted across three waves each year, an unrivalled resource for market analysis. With around 400 interviews at each site, and access to the full dataset, attractions are able to track and interrogate data for their site(s) and create their own benchmarks. The package includes key driver analysis to reveal the importance of different aspects of site performance.

Visitor Verdict

A low-cost visitor benchmarking model for smaller attractions, with visitors emailed a survey after their visit. Results, charts and benchmarks are updated online instantaneously, each time a survey is completed – there’s no wait for periodic results.

BVA Nudge Consulting

Joining forces with BVA has given us access to BVA Nudge Consulting . Nudge is grounded in behavioural economics and harnesses the predictable quirks in human behaviour to help people make different – and better – choices.  To date, BVA Nudge Consulting has worked on over 100 projects, changing customer journeys and behaviour across a range of sectors.

For attractions, we may nudge visitors to exhibitions, cafés, or other parts of the site they don’t visit.  Perhaps we will nudge them to a specific membership offer.  Or maybe we’ll just nudge them to tidy up after themselves. Whatever the behavioural issue, Nudge is a low-cost solution to changing it for the better.

Our Work

Some of our recent projects have included:

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