How Does The World View The UK Following Brexit?

06/11/2018 By Jon Young


We hear a lot about the impact of Brexit on the free movement of workers, but very little about its impact on the free movement of visitors to the UK.   This is despite overseas visitors to the UK spending nearly £25 billion in the country on an annual basis.

There are a number of ways Brexit could impact visitor numbers to the UK – such as a change of attitudes or physical barriers at the border.

But how much has Brexit pierced the consciousness of the rest of the world? How important is Brexit when people are thinking of the UK as somewhere to visit?  Would political concerns really stop people from coming to see Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh Castle, Snowdonia or the Lake District?

We reviewed the key research on the subject and took to the streets of London to capture the voice of the visitor.  This short video showcases our findings.

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