Hotel Guest Survey... transformed

19/04/2021 By James Bland

You don’t need to be a sage to forecast a global surge of leisure demand as the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.

But after that, in the longer term, what will change, how will consumer and corporate behaviour be different?  Even more importantly, how have attitudes and beliefs changed over the course of the pandemic and are those changes forever or will they fade away?  Where are issues like sustainability, the environment and climate change going to sit now in terms of priorities?

Strategic players know the hotel market is not a tight category bubble, the future needs to be considered in a broader context of multiple distribution channels and platforms and alternative types of paid for accommodation.

This is where HGS comes in.  For thirty years it has been an independent source of impartial data on the core brand health metrics and consumer perceptions of hotel brands and that will, of course, continue.  But this year we are adding in perceptions of loyalty programmes (whether hotel or OTA), core metrics around homestay sites and OTAs and a new section on consumer intentions and booking differentiators.

HGS delivery

And as a syndicated product, meaning costs are shared, it is bound to be more cost-effective than a proprietary tracking programme.  Another important consideration on the road to recovery.

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