Holiday Trends in Context - Webinar Q&A

21/05/2015 By Jon Young

21 May 2015

Our latest webinar provided a closer look at two of the trends that our Holiday Trends report gives insight on the Staycation and Wellness Tourism. Jon Young outlined the key findings adding context with case studies and industry data, in the webinar broadcast on 20 May 2015 (recording on demand - simply fill out the form to receive an email with the link).

Below are Q&As from the webinar session.

The pattern of the Staycation is also different for different parts of UK. GBTS (Visit England’s Great Britain Tourism Survey) shows Wales did relatively better with mid length trips to the seaside and rural areas as well as short city breaks.

We are in agreement that there are some differences in trends across the UK and by individual destination type. The picture we presented in the webinar was very much on an overall macro level.  Particularly, as said in the question, trips to Wales did not decline according to GBTS last year.  There is also some variation by coastal destination – for example Bournemouth, Brighton and Scarborough are examples of destinations that have weathered this decline in seaside tourism.  I guess this strengthens the overarching point that the ‘catch-all’ term ‘staycation’ is not very helpful.  It is important to understand individual audiences/patterns and to respond to them specifically. That said, hopefully provenance and wellness have a role regardless of your destination.

Generally, our Holiday Trends report does show movements by region and area.  We will be elaborating on that a bit next year.

Does your research on domestic trends include any insight about travel times - ie how far people will travel for a staycation?

I’m afraid we don’t ask this question, but we will certainly add this next year.  It should provide some interesting results.

Is wellness for the rich?

Our research to date suggests that wellness extends across social grades, although of course, the more premium destination types will be the preserve of those who can afford it!  My colleague Max Clapham wrote a blog on this subject: Wellness for all.