Holiday Trends 2021 – Key Findings

01/07/2021 By Jon Young

Our Holiday Trends survey has reliably predicted the U.K. holiday market since 2007.   Last year we ran two editions - January and April to reflect the changing landscape following the pandemic.  This year we waited until overseas restrictions were lifted at the end of May before conducting our research.

Ahead of the release of our report, we wanted to share five key findings:

  1. Only 42% of UK adults are seriously considering an overseas short break or holiday in the next 12 months – a drop of 41% on 2020 projections in January, and a 33% drop on 2020 projections in April. This is a marked contrast to UK trip intention, with 71% planning a domestic break over this time period.
  1. The threat of government restrictions, the risk of quarantine and to a lesser extent the threat of COVID means that less than half of the population are confident that a booked overseas trip would go ahead this summer, significantly behind the majority thinking a U.K. trip would go ahead.
  1. Over 65s are the least likely to be planning an overseas holiday, despite increases in leisure behaviour following vaccination. With this age group now returning to UK holidays, there is hope that overseas travel will come next.
  1. People planning an overseas holiday are almost three times as likely to consider a ‘green’ destination than an ‘amber’ destination. This is underlined with Portugal being the only destination generating similar visits to 2020 at the time of research (whilst Portugal was no the green list).
  1. Planned trip accommodation reflects a drive for more self-sufficiency. Trips are more likely to involve stays with friends or relatives and to be in self-catering.

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