Holiday Trends 2018 - Interactive Data Dashboard

29/03/2018 By Jon Young

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Holiday Trends is our free annual report on the state of the UK holiday market.  The survey is conducted amongst a nationally representative sample of 1,000 UK residents in January.  Our 2018 edition of Holiday Trends consisted of a free short report and access to the interactive data dashboard below.

Proportion of Britons planning to take an overseas holiday

Following the 2007 recession, the proportion of Britons considering a holiday overseas dropped significantly. With a post-Brexit weak pound, the tourism industry anticipated a similar drop in 2018. However, our research suggests that Britons are marginally more likely to holiday abroad in 2018 than in 2017. The finding corresponds with similar predictions from ABTA, highlighting British resilience in the face of financial constraints.

World Region holiday intentions

Western Europe and the Mediterranean - already the biggest draw for Britons - will benefit the most, with an eight percentage point rise from last year in the proportion of respondents hoping to take a holiday of four or more nights. Other parts of the world are also set to welcome more jet-setting Britons; intentions to holiday in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, The Middle East and Latin America are also up from 2017.

Top Destinations

Though the USA remains the second most popular overall overseas destination for Britons, it is likely to welcome fewer British holiday-makers in 2018, with just 10% anticipating a holiday there compared to 12% in 2017. Within Western Europe, mainland Spain is the most desirable destination this year, followed by France, the Balearic Islands, the Canaries and Italy - all of which are set to experience an increase in visits in 2018. Other beneficiaries include traditional hot-spots Turkey and Egypt, and 'rising stars' Iceland and Germany.