Got a blocked toilet or dodgy lock? Just call your local private landlord!

31/07/2013 By Mark Long

Being an all-round handy man is a major concern for Britain’s private landlords, as a new survey reveals that plumbing in a washing machine is as important as keeping up with the latest property programmes. It also reveals that trust in Sarah Beeny’s property knowledge doesn’t translate to love of her shows.

One of the many boons of renting is that the landlord is responsible for fixing things when they go wrong. BVA BDRC’s Landlords Panel survey revealed that maintenance was the single largest cost to landlords, and so it should come as no surprise that almost all of them could change a light bulb. In fact, the DIY skills of many extended much further – your landlord could increase the pressure on a boiler, unblock a toilet or drain a radiator. Two thirds said they could put in a new dishwasher for you and, although lowest on the list of DIY knowledge were the skills to repair a broken window, four in ten said they felt they could still do this competently. But even with this handy-man approach, maintenance accounted for nearly half of a landlord’s yearly running costs.

The survey also questioned landlords about their television habits. Over three quarters of landlords watched property programmes, and Grand Designs took the top spot with 26% calling it their favourite. Interestingly, although none of Sarah Beeny’s programmes made it into the top five favourites, she did take joint first place position with Phil Spencer as ‘Most Trusted’ property show presenter.

Facing big maintenance costs, landlords have taken a page out of the DIY book and are ready to roll up their sleeves, open up the toolbox and get their properties running smoothly again. The Landlords Panel survey shows that tenants who rent privately are in good hands, so if you’ve got a problem, just call your local private landlord!