Big changes for VenueVerdict coming soon

19/04/2021 By Louise Eccleston

We’re very excited to announce that the VenueVerdict reporting platform is migrating to BVA’s Customer Experience (CX) Insights platform in Q3 of this year, offering subscribers some powerful new innovations.

Firstly, the new meeting planner survey can segment feedback from hybrid and physical events.  Also, users will be able customise the survey, adding specific questions or removing non-core elements. But there’s so much more. Subscribers will soon be able to use the platform to collect feedback from:

  • Event Planners and Hosts
  • Event Attendees (on-site ‘static’ surveys accessed via URL, QR, NFC or all three)
  • Bedroom Guests
  • Restaurant Diners
  • Spa Visitors

…all at no additional cost.

And, if that’s not enough, we will provide the ability to run internal staff surveys through our platform, bringing the benefits of benchmarking with a new framework to align employee attitude with customer priorities.

Finally, we’ll be encouraging subscribers to seek integrations with their existing software packages, either to collect data for survey invites or to push responses back into other platforms. Just as a reminder, we can make VenueVerdict talk to anything!

You can read about further enhancements to VenueVerdict, in our latest update.