BVA BDRC Group expands to the USA & North America

15/02/2015 By Cris Tarrant

16 February 2015

BVA BDRC Group, today announced the launch of BVA BDRC Americas, having entered into a joint venture with Fusion Analytics, a boutique full service research consultancy based in Washington DC. Matthew Petrie, Founder and President of Fusion, and Director Liz Healy will assume similar positions in the new venture and will continue to operate business as usual. Majority shareholder BVA BDRC will be represented by CEO Dr Cris Tarrant and Director Matt Costin on the new BVA BDRC Americas board.

Adding the USA and North America to BVA BDRC Group’s existing operations in the UK and Asia Pacific makes the company a truly global organisation. BVA BDRC Group now has offices in London, Washington DC, Singapore, Beijing, Jakarta and Sydney. Clients will benefit from wider global reach, increased depth of expertise, and a greater range of products and services.

As a result of the venture BVA BDRC Group’s clients will benefit from an enhanced team of sector specialists covering industries including hotels and hospitality, travel and tourism, financial services, media, and government/not-for-profit. In addition, the North American team brings expertise in key business challenges facing all client organisations – such as branding, customer experience and compliance – that will strengthen the existing offer.

Dr Cris Tarrant, CEO of the BVA BDRC Group, said: “This is a significant milestone in the development of the BVA BDRC Group. From today we now operate in all of the world’s most significant regional markets for consumer insight. Our major clients manage global businesses without geographical boundaries and this venture enables us to offer a geographically seamless service, ensuring that we remain close to our clients’ most pressing business issues and requirements wherever they are located.

From the very early discussions with the Fusion Analytics team we sensed a real meeting of minds. Not only do both organisations share a focus on the same key market sectors and business challenges, we also, crucially, have a common vision of providing the highest levels of client support and strategic insights to businesses.”

Matthew Petrie said: “BVA BDRC is a world class research agency and we are proud to be partnering with them in this new venture. We’re looking forward to the next phase of growth, expanding BVA BDRC’s presence in the US, while continuing to give great service to our clients here, with an unparalleled depth of knowledge, from both global and local perspectives.”