Are you afraid of staying at a hotel? Don't be.

26/08/2020 By James Bland

One of our treasured hotel research experts, Anu Manglik, has been industrious during the lockdown. She has been busy setting up, a collaborative blogging website which shares updates and interesting findings about hotels and the hospitality industry.

One of her latest blogs gives a useful roundup of the new measures employed by the main players in hotel accommodation.

"You would have never thought about the germs on the TV remote in your room, but now you do. The number of times the duvet in your room is aired would have never crossed your minds, but now you'll request for it to be sanitised after every use. Previously, you would have never counted how many things you touch, but now you'll consciously make an effort to keep your hands to yourself.

So, I thought of putting all you readers at ease and giving you a round-up of the various COVID-safe procedures and programmes in place at some of your favourite hotel brands. This should help you plan your next hotel stay without any coronavirus scares."

Anu covers major brands such as Accor, Anantara Hotels and Resorts, Best Western, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Hilton, InterContinental Hotel Group, Marriott, ITC Hotels and Louvre Hotels Group. Responses include enhanced cleaning, virtual menus and changes to food and beverage service, online check-ins, new partnerships with medical services, technologies, staff training and appointed personnel, and quality assurance programmes including BVA BDRC's own independent audit programme the COVID Integrated Response Toolkit.

The central message is that, whilst customers will be encouraged by brands' promises to follow new safety measures, would-be hotel guests are still nervous about travelling and staying away from home. Hotels will need to demonstrate that they are as good as their word. The best way to do this is to employ an independent research agency to check that your hotels are indeed complying with new guidelines and that changes in procedure are working for the benefit of the guest experience as well as safety.

We have this service all set up, having performed mystery guest audits for hotels for many years now. Our latest toolkit brings together several services (health and safety and customer experience checks through external audits, internal/digital audits, customer feedback and social media reputation management) under one online dashboard.

Read Anu's blog here

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