VenueVerdict donations to Meeting Needs

We are a proud supporter of the events industry charity Meeting Needs and have donated over £100,000 through our VenueVerdict programme. For every response submitted BVA BDRC donates 50p. On this page we'd like to tell you about some of the projects this funding has been able to support.

Through Re-Cycle, Meeting Needs funded the provision of 150 bicycles to a village in rural Zambia allowing over 900 people to have easier access to work, food and water, costing £2,735. According to Re-Cycle, having a bicycle can increase a family’s income by as much as 35%.
Burmese School Funding from Meeting Needs facilitated the build of an entirely new school for children in the remote village of Aw Zar Pin Hsein in the Burmese Delta, providing clean, dry, comfortable classrooms for 62 students and two teachers. The grant of £6,000 also funded furniture, books, uniforms and teacher's pay for a year.
Kampala sanitary project Via MCODE (Mission for Community Development), £2,500 worth of funding from Meeting Needs helped to provide sanitary products for 650 young girls in Kampala, allowing them to attend school. MCODE encourage and empower girls to openly speak out about problems caused by menstruation. According to UNICEF, increasing the secondary education of girls by 10% results in a GDP of 3%.
Solar power Through the Uphill Trust, Meeting Needs provided £3,000 to fund the provision of solar-powered portable lamps to over 200 children a junior school in rural Uganda allowing them to study when light is low. This also enables adults in the village to be able to work and undertake community activities after hours.
Cecily-300 Through Cecily’s Fund 104 orphans in Zambia have been able to attend school.
Trampoline Therapy.jpg A replacement therapy trampoline was purchased for Rebound Ability. Trampoline therapy provides therapeutic exercise and recreation for people with a wide range of special needs. Watch this video to see Rebound Therapy in action.
Cassa £3,200 was donated to fund half the cost of a Cassava Mill in Soroti, Uganda. The mill provides over 1,800 households with training, food, and a way of earning money.