International schools research

Assess the brand health of schools from the parents perspective


Piers Lee


Each year BVA BDRC runs a Brand Equity & Market Insights Study, which evaluates the brand standing of international schools in specific Asian markets. 

The study provides valuable insights for marketing and communications departments to assess their school’s brand health, image among parents, and competitive standing against approximately 25 other schools.


Assessment of factors influencing parental choices for international schools, such as curriculum, facilities, school culture, teaching style, and price sensitivity, offering guidance for school development and strategic planning.

Detailed advertising recall analysis helps schools gauge the ROI of their marketing campaigns and determine the most effective media channels.

Analysis segmented by schooling stage, key nationalities, and various market segments to provide tailored insights.

Endorsement by leading international schools in Asian markets.

Optional bespoke research services for schools, including market assessments for new curricula, school concepts, rebranding, corporate communications, new parent research, and teacher research.

Our thinking

We have hosted webinars and published various blogs and papers showcasing findings from our international schools research:

International schools: what really drives decisions?


The International Schools Webinar

Every year we host the International Schools Webinar, showcasing key findings from our research and sharing expertise from across the BVA Family and other companies in the education sector. Stay tuned for news of the 2024 edition.


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