In 2017 two customer service assistants at the world-famous London Underground changed the wording on a station whiteboard that directed passengers to a Craig David concert in a move that would one day bring them to the attention of Michelle Obama.

They replaced the words “Keep Right” with a poem they had written instructing people how to get to the concert. The poem used lyrics from the artist’s songs.

Their simple action had a monumental outcome. The whiteboard poems went viral and the two employees became Sunday Times bestselling authors. They have more than a million followers on Instagram, including the former US first lady.

This story encapsulates everything about our North Star for CX: harnessing the power of emotion to influence human behaviour.

Getting emotional: CX in the digital age

While traditional customer experience has focused on the functional, nuts and bolts side of CX for a smoother customer journey, the digital age requires so much more.

The internet has saturated the market with products and services that are often indistinguishable from the next. To stand out, businesses need to connect to the humans buying their goods and make their experience as memorable as possible.

Numerous studies in behavioural science have also shown that it’s the customer experience, and more specifically, the memory of the experience, that creates attachment to a brand.

Human connection therefore requires CX to be built around human traits like emotions and feelings – attributes not generally associated with corporate conditions! When engineered in the right way, however, as the Transport for London whiteboard example proves, emotion can connect with people in a truly powerful way.

XPASS gets to the heart of human connection

In the world of business, human connection provides the foundations for profitable relationships and maximises return on CX investment.

But achieving it is no easy task.

Drawing on behavioural science can boost your chance of success. Our Emotional Activation Model, XPASS, helps keep emotion at the core of CX every step of the way.

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