Hotel Guest Survey

An independent and impartial view of key dynamics and brand performance in the global travel sector

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James Bland

Managing Director

Hospitality is about serving people, so when you understand your audience, everything changes: the way you market, the products you create, the brands you support, the way you engage, even the metrics that determine success.

The Hotel Guest Survey is used by leading travel and hospitality brands, consultants, management organisations and asset managers worldwide. It delivers business critical insight on brand performance in the context of ever-changing guest behaviours and priorities.


of the world’s leading travel source markets


business and leisure travellers


brands assessed


Understand which brands add most value to the intrinsic hotel product

Track and measure the success of hotel, OTA and homestay brands and major loyalty programmes

See how brands and loyalty programmes are perceived by the marketplace

Identify your strengths, weaknesses, similarities and opportunities

Pinpoint emerging needs to guide future investments and messaging

Learn why people travel and how to influence their decisions

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