Communications Clinic

Optimise comms to motivate the intended behaviour


Caroline Ahmed

Chief Commercial Officer

Having the right information is not enough to adopt the right behaviour. We’re human beings with emotions and habits, influenced by the physical and social environment. Communications must work hard to both inform and persuade us to convert intention into action. 

What we do

Communications Clinic is a powerful approach to making concrete optimisations that produce measurable results. Inspired by behavioural science and cognitive psychology, it maximises the impact of your touchpoints – physical or digital – on your target audience by motivating desired behaviors.

In this fast-paced process, we review the communications and apply our proprietary SEE/ACT model to create 20-30 optimisations. We collaborate with you to review the ideas and deliver an action plan with mock-ups to show changes that will enhance your KPIs.


Efficient identification of optimisations, with scientific backing 

Get a clear action plan outlining all feasible improvements 

See visualised optimisations with a guide for implementation 

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