Your Bus Journey passenger experience

Case study

The context

As the independent watchdog for transport users, Transport Focus puts a strong emphasis on evidence-based campaigning to influence decisions on behalf of passengers and improve services. As part of this remit, Transport Focus needs to measure passengers’ experiences of using bus services. It first began doing so with the Bus Passenger Survey in April 2009; now called Your Bus Journey, the work continues today.

What we did

We established a highly robust ongoing assessment of passenger experiences including bus stop environment, punctuality, ‘on bus’ comfort and bus driver standards, together with overall journey satisfaction and value for money ratings.

Passengers provide their feedback in person about a single leg of their bus journey, recruited at bus stops and on-board buses.

How it helped

The survey produces robust metrics that can be used as targets in bus service improvement plans. Consistency over time, and across participating areas, makes it possible to monitor progress as well as producing benchmarks – with the rigorous approach to fieldwork meaning that the results stand-up to scrutiny.

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