The multiplier effect of multi-platform campaigns

Case study

The context

Newsbrands are uniquely placed in the multi-platform world. They have grown audiences as each new device has risen in popularity, but what is the relative impact of each platform – print, tablet, desktop and mobile – and how do they work together? Newsworks wanted to create benchmark guidance on what each newsbrand platform contributes to brand health measures - on its own and in combination with others - to help when deploying budgets.

What we did

Five campaigns, across newsbrand print and digital platforms, were assessed in matched controlled exposure tests among 10,856 readers of the relevant titles and platforms as each campaign went live. All campaigns were deliberately from big brand advertisers, across a mix of sectors, where brand metrics are much harder to shift.

How it helped

Analysis revealed the remarkable multiplier effect of multi-platform campaigns where print is included in the mix – bigger than the sum of the individual platforms. This important study for newsbrands, and the advertising industry as a whole, provides evidenced-based guidance on how to maximise the efficiency of campaigns and spend.

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