The ideal car and motor finance purchase journey

Case study

The context

A specialist financial services group wanted to design the future motor finance experience. They needed to:

  • Explore the key stages of the customer’s car purchase journey

  • Understand of the role of motor finance in the journey

  • Assess the point when finance is first considered during the car purchase journey

  • Identify the pain points and challenges of buying motor finance

What we did

Interactive workshops with consumers who had recently bought a car using motor finance:

  • Mapping the car purchase journey

  • Reviewing the on-boarding journey

  • Discussing the ideal on-going contract

  • Discussing the end of the contract journey

  • Looking at perceptions of the group

How it helped

The research revealed five key ‘moments of truth’ across the car buying journey. Each moment of truth showed the ideal customer experience and implications for the client's offer.

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