Seizing a luxury travel growth opportunity

Case study

The context

A luxury brand in the travel industry had spotted a growth opportunity in a new market, but which were the most attainable and valuable profiles to target and what marketing hooks should be used? They commissioned a segmentation to find out.

What we did

An extensive, multi-phase programme including:

  • Qualitative discovery and stakeholder consultation - to hone hypotheses and shape the design of later stages

  • Quantitative investigation - to size the market, create and size segments

  • Explanatory qualitative - adding colour and depth to the segments

  • Visual design - creating vivid and memorable segment pen portraits and videos

  • Client workshop - to embed the segments within the business, including the appointment of segment ambassadors

How it helped

The client learnt the ‘size of the prize’, who to target and how to motivate priority audiences. Early consultation with stakeholders, creative outputs and interactive delivery of results ensured buy-in across the organisation and that the segmentation lives on as a valuable marketing asset.

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