What station users need from information screens

Case study

The context

HS1 were about to upgrade their passenger information screens at St Pancras, one of the UK’s busiest stations.  What must be shown to make the passenger experience as seamless as possible?

What we did

Several stages of research from concept creation through to concept evaluation:

  • Desk research to better understand screen design considerations and learn from similar projects in other sectors

  • Online ethnography to understand likes, dislikes and needs in relation to information screens based on a journey when customers travelled through St Pancras

  • Online focus groups to evaluate initial concepts

  • An online survey to assess and prioritis features

  • An in-situ face-to-face survey testing two different map display options

How it helped

Results provided a clear indication of passenger needs to ensure a smooth overall experience, helping HS1 develop a new screen infrastructure and system to effectively engage with customers in the future on similar projects.

Read more in the Railway Gazette.

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