Motorway user service experience

Case study

The context

Transport Focus represents the interests of users of England’s Motorways and major A-roads, known as the Strategic Road Network (SRN). As part its work, Transport Focus has been tracking how well Motorway Service Areas (MSAs) are meeting the needs of different user groups.

What we did

We assessed experiences across 120 MSAs, with a mixed mode approach capturing ‘in the moment’ feedback on departure with more detailed, reflective feedback collected via a follow-up survey.

Insights from this substantial research, with 30,774 exit interviews and 5,700 detailed experience surveys, were delivered via a range of outputs using a visual design created specifically for the project.

How it helped

The extensive coverage of the survey combined with highly visual reports and infographics, to a publishable standard, made a robust and complex study accessible and easy to understand. Outputs clearly demonstrated overall impressions, year-on-year changes and benchmarks, highlighting top performers and where improvements need to be made.

This insight and style of delivery is essential for Transport Focus to take to the operators, as it sets out expectations that they will continue improve customer satisfaction.


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