Meeting financial health needs

Case study

The context

Financial fitness and resilience are hot topics for all demographics, but particularly for millennials who have less experience of money management while juggling issues such as cost of living, student debt or difficulties getting on the property ladder.

A bank needed to understand more about the financial well-being of 18-40 year olds and how to build stronger relationships with them via a customer-led, rather than a product-led, approach.

What we did

Digital ethnography exploring ‘what it is like’ to be an 18-40 year old, what worries them, how they cope with these worries and the knowledge they have. This involved a three-day intimate exploration of their financial lives with written exchanges, selfie videos and pictures delving into their financial lives and financial information needs.

Co-creation client and customer workshops built on our ethnographic work, taking the problems identified and developing solutions.

How it helped

The bank gained a clear view of how it can assist customers with financial fitness and where the boundaries lie. They understand their customers' financial lives sufficiently to build a support function that will meet needs and foster loyalty.

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