Investigating VOD engagement with Sky

Case study

The context

Video on demand (VOD) is an important additional advertising opportunity for advertisers and media owners. What drives engagement and what might this mean for advertising? Sky wanted to find out.

What we did

A diary study capturing all viewing across subscription and broadcaster VOD recording details such as the content provider, device used, what was watched, who they were with, feelings at the time and more. Over 1000 viewing occasions were recorded providing rich insight into behaviours and emotions.

A complimentary campaign effectiveness study compared the performance of VOD and live TV campaigns, integrating Sky data ensuring actual, rather than claimed, ad exposure.

How it helped

The project revealed several break-through insights into VOD habits and mindsets, including the greater likelihood that VOD is viewed with others. When viewing with others, energy and happiness levels also increase, reflecting academic research proving that shared experiences amplify emotions. This, in turn, drives much stronger campaign impact - evidence that the context of VOD viewing should be built into advertising pricing models.

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