Channel 4 Contextual Moments

Case study

The context

Channel 4 felt so strongly that context was beneficial to TV advertising that it developed a product called ‘Contextual Moments’. The AI-driven proposition places ads next to relevant scenes in a linear TV show. But did it work as well as expected?

What we did

A large forced-exposure study. Nine different brands’ adverts were placed throughout three different programmes and tested across six different test/control groups made-up of over 1800 viewers.

Viewers were either shown the ads in a regular TV placement, in a Contextual Moments placement or were not exposed at all. They then provided feedback across a range of advertising effectiveness metrics.

How it helped

Results evidenced the impact of Contextual Moments as an offering to advertisers, who are able to buy bundles of these nuanced contextual moments that are relevant to their brand under categories such as food, hot drinks, relationships or mobile phones.

Those exposed to the ad contextually were twice as likely to remember seeing it, and significantly more likely to consider buying the product and hold a positive perception of the brand.

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