A new threat to the European car market?​

As the automotive landscape in Europe continues to evolve with the arrival of new car brands from Asia and America, a critical question emerges: What do potential car buyers truly think about these newcomers?

As insight specialists working with major players in the automotive industry, we’ve leveraged our expertise to produce two reports providing you with essential insight on how these new manufacturers will affect the market.

A range of reporting options are available, starting at €2,500.

Two types of insight to guide your strategy

Awareness and Perception Survey

We surveyed over 1,500 car owners – all intending to purchase a new vehicle in the next three years in France, Germany, and the UK.

Our report includes:

New car purchase considerations: to what degree are consumers open to considering these brands for their next car purchase?

Awareness of new brands: which brands are European consumers aware of?

Perceptions of new brands: is customer sentiment for these brands positive or negative, and how does their image profile differ from that of traditional brands?


Social Media Presence 

With our partners Uptowns, we conducted social listening to quantify the penetration of new brands in the European market.

Our report provides analysis of:

Social media presence: which platforms are brands active on and how many followers do they have?

Online discussions: which brands are most discussed and which topics are most important to customers?

Sentiment: what do online conversations tell us about how customers feel about topics and brands?

Markets covered

We surveyed 1,500 people in France, Germany and the United Kingdom (500 in each market) who currently own a car and intend to purchase a new one in the next three years.


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Brands covered

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