ALVA Visitor Experience Benchmarking

Enhance the visitor experience and improve business performance

Katie Vosper

Katie Vosper


Delivering a great visitor experience leads to happy visitors, more return visits, enthusiastic recommendations and higher revenue. ALVA Visitor Experience Benchmarking helps attractions to understand what changes they can make and which parts of their offer they should be promoted to elevate the visitor experience. 


Get an accurate snapshot of your visitor profile and ‘in the moment’ visitor experience via an onsite survey

Continuously monitor year-round visitor experience with an online survey

Measure ‘memorable moments’ and identify which elements of the offer created these

Dig into your results and download reports via user-friendly dashboards

Get preferential rates for Mystery Visitor Benchmarking and free access to Attractions Brand Health Benchmarking

Insights for action

Track the performance of your site

Use benchmarks to identify areas for improvement

Use key driver analysis to prioritise areas for improvement

Identify best in class attractions and borrow ideas from them

Review your audience strategy and who to target

Make the case for change and plan resource or investment

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