Who we are

After 27 years, BVA BDRC has shifted from its independent status and joined another research group, becoming part of a much more sizeable combined force in the market research world. The new majority owner of BVA BDRC is the French company BVA Group. BVA is the third largest research business in France, it works across the same sectors as BVA BDRC and it has a complementary set of offices. BVA has a strong innovation streak and is an expert in behavioural economics, with its BVA Nudge unit set to become a globally distributed brand.

What we do

Business Issues

All our clients face challenges which can be addressed by market research - understanding customer needs, product development opportunities, staff motivation, market entry requirements, compliance and more. You need to work with people who know their stuff and can cut through the data to give you meaningful solutions.





Data Science




Sector insight

BVA BDRC has created a range of sector focussed research products. Some are syndicated so the cost is shared across several clients, while others are highly detailed sector studies. Each has a proven record of delivering valuable insight and has been developed to meet the evolving needs of dynamic markets.

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